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Aerial Photography, Filming & Survey In Essex & London

AERIAL photography, aerial Filming & aerial Survey ESSEX

Flyweight Filming provides aerial filming, aerial photography and aerial survey services to customers throughout the UK from our base on the border of Essex & London . We offer high resolution imagery through the use of professional UAV camera platforms at affordable prices. Aerial filming provides an unprecedented degree of creative freedom to our film and television clients. Shots that are impossible from the ground or highly expensive from helicopters can now be included in a production. Our location on the borders of Essex & London allows us to reach most locations in the UK within one day. To complete the service, we provide video editing and production to clients throughout the UK and beyond. Whether you want raw footage or a fully produced video, Flyweight Filming is here for you.

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Using aerial photography provides total coverage in a safe, cost effective and efficient way. Aerial photography offers corporate clients the opportunity to view their land and buildings from any angle. From commercial marketing videos to promotional photographs, our highly skilled UAV (drone) operators provide you with high quality aerial images of your land or structures. Aerial photography is not just for commercial clients, you can commission us to photograph homes, events and special occasions too.

Aerial survey is bringing the cost of building inspections down to earth. It is reducing the requirement for temporary structures, increasing the speed of inspection and mitigating against health and safety issues associated with working at height. Consider incorporating aerial survey into your annual maintenance schedule. In terms of aerial survey Essex is our primary location. However, being based on the borders of Essex & London, we can easily service most of the UK.

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Flyweight Filming is CAA approved and ensures every flight complies with all regulations.  We understand the importance of public safety and personal privacy. Our flight plans are designed to be as discreet and targeted as possible for the benefit of the client and the public alike.

CAA Approved Drone Operator

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Benefits Of Aerial Video & Photography

As CAA approved drone operators, we can offer you fast, cost effective solutions for all your aerial filming, aerial photography and surveying requirements.  We can undertake many tasks from the air in half the time of ground based teams.  Less time on the job, means less cost to yourselves.  All our work is undertaken using the latest camera equipment, and our team are able to set up quickly and discreetly. We work to your specifications without disruption to your ground operations.  No scaffolds, no complicated set up, just fast, efficient high quality aerial images for you and your company. See our full list of services or contact us for more details.

Customer Service

We understand the importance of excellent customer service.  From the initial meeting through to delivery of the fully edited project, we are on hand to offer you the very highest levels of service.  As a London and Essex based aerial photography company, we are fully capable of working with commercial companies of all sizes, as well as private individuals.  We work alongside you to ensure that we understand what you need from your footage, and offer you our advice on how best to achieve your goal. Our team is compact, efficient and versatile.  We can be contacted by phone or via email whenever you need us, and are happy to liaise with you whilst on site. If required, we can store your aerial footage on our servers, so you can access it anytime from anywhere. Our client area is easy to use and reduces the headaches of trying to email large files. Take a look at our full list of services to see what we can do for you today.

Aerial Filming

Aerial filming offers scope for amazing images and continuous sequences showing the world from a new perspective.  Forget towers, camera rails and tight spaces, our drone camera platforms allow us to film incredible dynamic footage virtually anywhere.  Using high quality gimbal stabilised 4K cameras, we can fulfil all your aerial filming requirements throughout the UK.  Our CAA certified team of specialists are fully mobile and self contained. Our base on the borders of Essex & London allows easy access to anywhere in the UK and Europe with all our equipment.  We have the capacity to deploy quickly in and out of urban environments or stay in situ for days in wild, remote environments. Take a look at our services in depth, or contact us to chat about your requirements.

Aerial Photographic & Video Survey

Aerial surveys alleviate the need to erect structural surveying equipment from ground level. No more expensive and time consuming scaffolds required, our drone platforms can relay highly detailed footage using our 4K cameras.  We have the technology to automatically feed back data, ready to be analysed by engineers on the ground.  Using our unmanned aerial vehicles we can complete visual surveys in a fraction of the time, using only a minimal crew.  This offers a cost effective alternative to traditional surveying methods. Our CAA certified team of specialists are mobile and fully self contained, meaning we have the capability undertake surveys of a wide range of buildings. We can also provide our clients with 3D models for use in computer aided design projects. If you would like more details on the services we offer, contact us for an informal chat today.

Aerial Photography

The very best still images come from having the very best view of the subject.  Our high quality 4K cameras offer aerial photographs that are second to none. Aerial photography offers a unique opportunity to capture the entirety of your business or home from the air.  We can supply you with a selection of still images that you can embed into your website or  marketing material. Aerial photography is great for individuals too. An Aerial photograph can be  kept as a  unique personalised memory or given as a gift.  We are specialists in the acquisition and processing of digital aerial photography and our still images offer the highest resolution possible.

We can film virtually anywhere (subject to the relevant permissions),  and our fully CAA certified team are discreet, safe and efficient. Depending on the subject matter, and your individual needs, we may be able to obtain extraordinary authorisations to undertake additional photography within highly populated areas. We are well positioned to quickly reach you from our base on the borders of Essex & London. For more information about the Aerial Photography solutions we offer, as well as our other services, contact us today.