Flyweight Filming is part of Afterme Information Services LTD.  We provide ground breaking, high definition aerial photography and filming services for commercial, private and public sector clients. We operate throughout the UK and Europe. Find out all about us, what we offer and how we do it. From our base on the borders of Essex and London, we can provide aerial photography and aerial filming services throughout the UK. We are in easy reach of the South East and can get to Kent, Surrey, East Sussex, Bedfordshire, Suffolk & Greater London quickly.

Officially formed in 2015, Flyweight Filming is the brain child of an independent film director and a technical project manager.  Having worked with photographers in the past, and having experience in film production, David Mckenna and Ryan Fleming pushed beyond the limitations of ground based equipment, taking to the air for a new and liberating way of filming.

Our team loves to capture stunning original aerial imagery. The use of UAV (Drones) allows us to deliver cost effective, high quality imagery to a wide clientele.  We work with film companies, businesses, local authorities and the residential sector to provide the best quality aerial footage. From aerial surveys to aerial filming projects, 3D mapping and still photography, we can deliver.

Based just north of London, with easy access to the M25 and onward links, our team are able to work throughout the UK. Our base in Essex allows us particularly easy access to Greater London, Kent, Surrey, Sussex, Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Cambridgeshire. That said, there is nowhere in the UK out of reach for us.

Working With Us

We use only the best quality professional drones and cameras which are well maintained to ensure excellent quality footage at all times. We are, of course, fully insured and CAA Certified. This ensures the quality of our safety planning, flight operations and legal compliance. When a client want aerial photography or aerial filming work, they need to be reassured that the work can be undertaken safely, quickly and professionally.

Our experience in technical project management and film production allows us to operate seamlessly with our clients and provide added value. We understand the importance of fitting in with your way of working and minimise unnecessary admin and management.  For customers who require it, our web based Client Area provides 24-7 access to footage and completed projects wherever you are.

By integrating our internal processes with the clients, we join their projects without causing significant disruption. As any professional knows, the end product is just the tip of the iceberg of processes, procedures and regulatory compliance.  With this in mind we shield our customers from these aspects and considerations as far as is possible within the law.

Every job is unique, so why not contact us to talk about your project. There's no obligation and no pressure, just a straight forward conversation about your ideas. In the mean time please take a look around the site to find out more about us and the services we provide.

Our Team

Flyweight Filming brings together a wealth of experience from the worlds of cinematography, movie directing, post production, technology and project management. We think that's a pretty formidable mix!


David Mckenna

With an extensive career spanning over 25 years in the Information Technology industry, David founded Flyweight Filming as a result of his complete obsession with technological advances in filming and, of course, a major love for flying his drones!  With a keen eye for detail, a whizz kid approach to the technical requirements of flying and project management, David is the linchpin of our company.


ryan fleming

Ryan Fleming

As well as being a fully qualified drone pilot, Ryan is also the creative mastermind behind Flyweight Filming.  He brings a wealth of film production experience vital to achieving client satisfaction with every video project. Having directed his own independent movie, Ryan is incredibly skilled in  post production and can turn even the smallest amount of footage into an epic movie production. 


Laura Polson

Laura has worked within the creative industries for many years, and uses her skills to co-ordinate all of our projects.  From booking initial meetings, to keeping the social media pages up to date, Laura knows everything about us and is on hand to ensure that everything runs smoothly behind the scenes.

aerial photography drone

Tornado H920 CGO4

Some of our team members don't like to say much, they let their actions do the talking. The Yuneec Tornado H920 CGO4 is our drone of choice when it comes to aerial filming and aerial photography for broadcast and promotional work. Equipped with an advanced gimbal to give the re-engineered Panasonic GH4 camera a smooth ride, the richest images are captured for our clients. It's impressive size and sub 7Kg weight means it packs the punch of heavier platforms, but can be used in tighter spaces. It goes without saying, the hex rotor architecture provides the platform with built in redundancy.

typhoon h drone

Typhoon H Advanced

The Yuneec Typhoon H Advanced is a real all rounder. This nimble UAV is great for close up moving action filming for broadcast or promotional work. It is also our drone of choice for Aerial Survey work. With excellent 4K video and super high resolution stills captured in RAW,  even the smallest detail of a structure can be picked out and inspected by engineers on the ground. Of course, being a hex rotor UAV, it has redundancy built in.