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Last week, we got a very exciting call here at Flyweight HQ.  A local production company asked if we could come and film some footage for a feature length movie being filmed right here in Essex.  Well, before you could say “Buck Rogers” we were already planning our Oscar awards speeches and looking for a house in the Hollywood Hills.  Who wouldn’t want to work on a movie?  As drone pilots, movie filming has got be just about the most glamorous gig ever. (Actually, we love all of the jobs we undertake, but working on a movie is definitely a cool thing to do on a wet weekend in Essex).

We had been asked to take some digital video footage of the films protagonist making a run for it through the countryside.  Without giving away too much about the film, he was being chased, hard and fast, by creatures from beyond the grave! Spooky!

On location days like these, it is vital that we have researched the area and are aware of any no fly zones or other restrictions. This particular scene was being filmed in deepest darkest Essex, on a strip of private land, meaning once we’d had checked with our airman charts we were able to get her there and get set up for the day.

As with all of our projects, we listened intently to the directors plans for the scene, and how best he wanted the footage to be filmed. It is our job to deliver the footage in the way that our clients envisage them, so we worked with him to plan the very best way to get the shots he wanted, whilst still being able to film safely and within the CAA regulations.

After a few run throughs, our drones were in the air and ready to film.  We used our biggest drone, our Yuneec Tornado H920 CGO4 on the day, complete with a 4k camera. This gave us the highest levels of flexibility available without compromising on picture quality.  We discussed all the needs of the actors and those involved in the shoot, and of course, gave them a quick safety run through to ensure that no damage was caused to either the drones or the superstars of the show.

Being an action movie with supernatural baddies, the special effects department were busy creating gruesome delights.  Once we were set up, we sat back to watch their handiwork take shape.


Before we knew it, our drone was chasing the hero through the countryside, dipping low and wide.  Our drone operators were able to see the footage via a live feed on their handheld controllers, and pass the data onto the Director by means of the ground station unit.

A short time later, we have the footage locked down and done.  The Director was really impressed with how effective and cost efficient it is to film using drones.  No need for ground crew, expensive dolly systems or multiple camera operators.  Our self contained unit also means we just turn up in our customised vehicle and are ready to roll.

Screen Shot 2016-09-20 at 12.04.54We can’t show you too much of the footage, but here is a sneaky peak of a zombie girl taken from our stills.

Here at Flyweight Filming, our experienced and professional drone operators have plenty of experience when it comes to filming all sorts of footage.  From film work and promotional videos, through to 3D mapping and arial surveying projects, we can help.  You can find out more about the services we offer here, or call us on 01277 200455 today.

Speedway Racing with Flyweight Aerial Filming

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Today’s aerial filming has been loud, vibrant and thrilling! We’ve been to Foxhall Stadium to film the Ipswich Witches Speedway team in a do or die battle with the Newcastle Diamonds.  To say it was exciting would be a massive understatement! It was neck and neck throughout the evening, but the Witches emerged victorious. To say Flyweight Filming had any part in their victory may be wildly inaccurate, but whose to say we didn’t?

They are!

As people who are fascinated with engines, massive velocity and spectacle, Speedway is right up our alley!  Actually, to be honest, any petrol head would be equally as impressed with the courage, grit and motor oil that is Speedway racing.

Aerial Filming

We were delighted to be asked to visit and take some exciting aerial footage for a promotional video for their website.  One of the fundamental advantages of using drone cameras is their ability to take breathtaking aerial images of the action below.  Unlike conventional ground based cameras, aerial filming affords a birds eye view of the unfolding drama on the ground.

On a warm September evening, we set up base in the infield at the Foxhall Stadium in Ipswich.  We arrived a good couple of hours before the meet  to set up, perform our preflight checks, meet the riders and  brief the staff.

Ipswich Witches

Hanging out with the riders, we had a good chat with Ben Barker, a star Witch! While expertly setting up his bike, he graciously answered our nerd-like incessant questioning about his career and machine.  He was more than happy to tell us all about his awesome bike, his love of speedway and team life in general. Despite a huge injury last year, he was back and firing on all cylinders!  We filmed a quick interview, and he was on his way.

ipswich-witches-logoAs the light began to fade it was time for the excitement to begin. Flood lights on, engines roaring, with the smell of petrol in the air, they were away!  Sideways round the bends, dust kicking out behind them, the riders were barely inches apart. From our aerial vantage point, the action looked absolutely awesome.  Nothing like a dust cloud to really enhance the spectacle.  Watching riders race around 300 metres of track in under 15 seconds, sliding through corners at high speed and risking life and limb was exhilarating to film.

After an evening of fast, furious, family entertainment, watching the unhinged speed round on bikes with no brakes, it was time to call it a day.  We set off with our footage in the can, feeling a little more manly for the experience.

The footage was edited the very next day and sent to the client for their approval.  If you would like Flyweight Filming to come and visit your race meet, race day, stadium practise of any other sporting event, call us today on 01277 200455 or contact us to find out more.


Flying into the Tornado with Flyweight Filming

flyweight filming professional camera drone

Here at Flyweight Filming,  we provide our clients with the very best in aerial imagery.  But beyond our skills as highly trained drone pilots, with top class editing know how, we also work alongside some super talented web developers to offer a multi disciplinary service to our clients.

That is why we are proud to work in association with Green Tornado Digital Creative Agency.  With many years experience, the guys and gals at Green Tornado specialise in producing high quality web sites for small to medium businesses throughout the UK. Much more than just a team of web developers, they provide their clients with everything they need from a small print campaign, right through to a multi faceted web page, with full branding and social media strategies included.

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Why recommend Green Tornado?

We like working with them.  They know the way we think, and also agree that offering first class customer service to every client is the key to long lasting success.  They also believe in the wealth of new media opportunities that aerial filming and photography can offer.  They know that our 4K digital cameras relay the very best quality images which makes for quality videos and images for both online and traditional media promotions.  They also appreciate that using drone footage is a safe and cost effective alternative to using large teams of camera crew, or expensive and potentially hazardous scaffolding when filming from above.

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 12.01.15Because we work alongside them, they know that we are a fully self contained unit and can arrive and be ready to film within minutes.  The footage we provide them with is magically transformed into well designed web sites, web apps, stunning graphic design and even posts for high end social media campaigns.

As fully certified CAA drone pilots based in Essex, we also understand how important it is to work alongside fellow local businesses. The quality of the work produced by Green Tornado and their professional approach to delivering finalised projects, precisely match our requirements of a digital agency.

If you are looking for first class drone photography or aerial footage, contact us today on 01277 200455 or click here to contact us by email.  We can even provide you with all the extras your campaign needs with some help from out friends at Green Tornado.

Welcome to Flyweight Filming

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As you can see, our new site is up and running.

With all the information you need to contact us, view some of our work and indulge your general interest in all things cinematic, this is the place to be!

For more general interest news about the world of aerial services follow our blog. Our work takes us to some very interesting places and gives us privileged access behind the scenes.

Keep your eyes peeled for stories from our adventures around the UK and beyond!  We’ll keep you updated with industry news, upcoming events and behind the scenes glimpses of our shoots and locations.