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Corona Virus, Drone Applications & Stand Off Technology.

The Drone Business & Corona Virus We’ve all had a tricky year in 2020. Some of us have been inconvenienced and others profoundly effected. While here at Flyweight Filming, we’ve certainly seen a slowdown, we remain thankful the worst excesses of the corona virus have been avoided. We’re all well, and grateful for that. The […]

Top 5 Differences Between Aerial Photography And Drone Photography

Top 5 Differences Between Aerial Photography And Drone Photography Here in the office, between damagingly strong coffees, we often discuss how we should word our pages and blog articles. We agonise over the differences between aerial photography and drone photography. Discussions rarely descend into shouting, but result in passive aggressive sign offs like, ‘Call it what you want, […]

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Video Production: Storyboards Save Money

Storyboards Stop Story BoredomThere’s romance in the thought of a cigar puffing genius arriving on set, making a box with their hands, flopping into the ‘big’ chair and calling ‘ACTION!. Then, out pops Blade Runner and it’s all tears and hugging on the red carpet! But there’s more to video production than that!Rolling cameras are […]

CAA Approved Drone Operator

It Pays To Hire CAA Approved Drone Operators

Popularity Of Hobby Drones With Christmas just weeks away, you don’t have to look very far to find drones being plugged as perfect Christmas present for the gadget lovers everywhere. But, you also don’t have to search very hard to find home made videos of drone disasters, some with potentially dangerous outcomes.  Getting your hobby drone stuck […]

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Golf Air Shots You Want!

Fore! Seasons In One Day. We find ourselves surprised and challenged by our customers requests here at Flyweight Filming.  A recent call from a golf club has resulted in a round that will take a year to complete. While aerial photography and videography is normally a one shot deal, this time it is quite different. […]

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Flyweight feeling groovy, working on a movie

Last week, we got a very exciting call here at Flyweight HQ.  A local production company asked if we could come and film some footage for a feature length movie being filmed right here in Essex.  Well, before you could say “Buck Rogers” we were already planning our Oscar awards speeches and looking for a […]

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Speedway Racing with Flyweight Aerial Filming

Today’s aerial filming has been loud, vibrant and thrilling! We’ve been to Foxhall Stadium to film the Ipswich Witches Speedway team in a do or die battle with the Newcastle Diamonds.  To say it was exciting would be a massive understatement! It was neck and neck throughout the evening, but the Witches emerged victorious. To say Flyweight Filming […]

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Flying into the Tornado with Flyweight Filming

Here at Flyweight Filming,  we provide our clients with the very best in aerial imagery.  But beyond our skills as highly trained drone pilots, with top class editing know how, we also work alongside some super talented web developers to offer a multi disciplinary service to our clients. That is why we are proud to work […]

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Welcome to Flyweight Filming

As you can see, our new site is up and running. With all the information you need to contact us, view some of our work and indulge your general interest in all things cinematic, this is the place to be! For more general interest news about the world of aerial services follow our blog. Our […]