Golf Air Shots You Want!

aerial filming golf hole

Fore! Seasons In One Day.

We find ourselves surprised and challenged by our customers requests here at Flyweight Filming.  A recent call from a golf club has resulted in a round that will take a year to complete. While aerial photography and videography is normally a one shot deal, this time it is quite different. Our client has laid down the gauntlet and told us we need not be embarrassed about taking multiple air shots!


His brief was simple:

This golf course is open all year, Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter and I want the flyover videos to reflect that! As we fly from Tee to Green, viewers must see the hole seamlessly transition through the seasons.

We’ve become familiar with this effect in stills photography where images are composited, and when done well they are truly remarkable. However, they are technically challenging even for still photography.

The task is exponentially bigger when aerial filming is involved. There can be no CGI jiggery pokery, just honest to goodness blending of footage into a single 10 – 15 second video clip. Here at Flyweight Filming we pride ourselves on being meticulous and thorough in our planning. Whether it is for an aerial photography or aerial filming project, we leave nothing to chance. We are also lucky enough to have a great team allowing us to leverage a range of skills to tackle problems of technology, piloting, camera craft and film production. That said, planning this mission is as close as we’re going to get to working at NASA, because once committed there ain’t no going back!

The only way to guarantee identical flight paths on each of our visits is to make this an exercise in maths & surveying. There can be no free flight on this mission, because as accurate as we are, we can’t guarantee inch perfect placement as the UAV gets down range. For this particular piece of aerial filming, only inch perfect will do. We have distilled the data from several sighting runs into a programmed flightpath for re-use every time. With the first run in the can, it’s back to our calculators to determine the exact moment of take off to ensure shadows hit the ground identically next time.

Tune in regularly to follow this projects development… When we say regularly, that’s once a season!

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