Corona Virus, Drone Applications & Stand Off Technology.

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The Drone Business & Corona Virus

We've all had a tricky year in 2020. Some of us have been inconvenienced and others profoundly effected. While here at Flyweight Filming, we've certainly seen a slowdown, we remain thankful the worst excesses of the corona virus have been avoided. We're all well, and grateful for that. The corona virus pandemic has made us think hard about leveraging drone technology in this new normal.

However, the impact of the pandemic on the economy has been deep and damaging. Many sectors have all but ground to a halt, while others limped their way through the year. The Chancellors packages of assistance in the form of grants and furlough schemes has temporarily (for some, though not all) staved off the worst of the financial trauma. However you think about it, this was neither perfect nor capable of persisting indefinitely.

Strategies For Coping

The economic call to 'return to normal' is an imperative we have all wrestled with. Generally speaking, we know enough economics to understand we must continue to manufacture goods, provide services and maintain infrastructure just to stand still. Many companies or departments thereof which deal with abstract, communication or data driven areas have improvised adequately to maintain some momentum. This has been achieved through the use of collaborative software and data communications ('Collaborative Technologies'). Indeed, the general emergence of this technology has been rather timely in that respect. Even so, these methods are not mature enough to completely replicate the dynamics and as yet intangible qualities of people sharing a work place.

The questions regarding other industry sectors are somewhat more vexed. The necessity to have people in proximity to each other,  working on tangible things like the provision of care,  infrastructure maintenance or the production of goods, from hardware to housing, straddles the contentious divide between the need to produce and the responsibility to protect.

What's Next?

As of today, we've nearly gone full circle in our battle with the pandemic, with a return to increasing infection rates. The recent easing of restrictions has, as many predicted, led to an uptick across the country. I think this corresponds to many people's understanding, and come as no surprise.  It seems unlikely that any new measures will duplicate the late, yet demonstrably effective actions from March to June. The viruses dual role as wake up call and political football, coupled with public fatigue can mean only one thing. We, having become conversant with these issues, need to invent ways of doing things, physical things, tangible things that serve both the economy and public health.

Innovative Use Of Drone Technology

I mentioned the use of collaborative technologies enabling certain business sectors to remain active. I would now like to mention drones in a similar sense. It might be apt to call this, 'Stand Off Technologies', just to differentiate. The past five years certainly has seen an increase in drone applications. They have ranged from improved photography and filming platforms through to the meticulous work of survey and inspection. I would venture to say the applications of drones are still being discovered on a daily basis. That said, as with many new technologies and methods, they take a while to percolate into the general consciousness. While they provide demonstrable benefits in terms of cost, safety and economy, the step to utilising them is hesitant and tentative because of habitual modes of thinking and comfort with older alternatives.

Adapt, Innovate & Grow

I have no doubt we could serve both the economy and public safety by facing up to the 'new normal' by taking that final step to employing 'Stand Off Technologies' to maintain momentum, cut costs, assist production and mitigate against aspects of people operating in close proximity. So let's adapt, evolve and innovate our way over this latest hurdle. The things that have always driven progress are imagination, innovation, invention and the will to do things a better way.