How Our Drone Photography Service Works

Taking on a service you've not used before can be a little daunting. Don't worry, Flyweight Filming makes it easy and worry free. 

Take a look at how our drone photography service works and see that it's as easy as 1,2,3!

Before you book Drone Aerial Photography services from anyone, make sure they have a current and valid 'PfCO' (Permission For Commercial Operations) from the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority). Don't be afraid to ask them to send it over to you first. You can check it is current and valid by looking on the CAA Website

  1. Talk To Us : Give our friendly team a call. You can tell us what you want aerial photography of.
  2. Location Info :  We will go through some questions with you on the phone. It only takes 10 minutes.
  3. Booking : We  book the time for your drone photography shoot and collect your 20% deposit.
  4. The Shoot : We arrive on location and expertly perform the photo shoot to your brief.
  5. The Photos : We process your photos quickly and efficiently. Depending on the brief, you will normally receive your aerial photographs in two working days.
It's As Easy As 1,2,3
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Aerial Photography Checklist

Here's a few tips to get the very best from your aerial photography shoot. 

Items For You

  • Before we arrive, it's a good idea to make the location look as nice as possible. Aerial Photography captures lots of detail.
  • Let your neighbours know. You have every right to perform aerial photography of your property, but letting your neighbours know ensures they won't worry about the presence and purpose of our drones. If your neighbours commissions drone photography while we are there, we will give you a discount of £20.
  • Children & Pets. They're lovely and we wouldn't be without them, but without it being a specific part of the brief, it's better they are indoors or away from the location while the shoot is in progress. However, our drones are fascinating, and we have no problem at all letting the kids have a look after the shoot is over. 

Items For Flyweight

  • While the shoot is in progress, the aerial photographer requires their attention to be on flying safely and capturing superb images. So they will set up an exclusion zone while in the air. They will be more then happy to talk when the drone is on the ground and powered down. 
  • The British weather is predictable for it's unpredictability. Rest assured, we have not been defeated by it. However, there are safe limits to the conditions our drones can operate under. We keep a keen eye on the conditions, and will give you notice if we have to reschedule for safety reasons.