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We are an Essex based aerial production company specialising in drone photography & drone filming. We are proud of this large and varied county and love to contribute to it's social, creative and economic life. From the dense urban region bordering London out to the rural areas in the east, we can provide the aerial imaging service you require. Essex provides a broad pallet of  conditions for drone photography & aerial videography of all kinds. So when you need drone photography of Essex or aerial videography in Essex, think Flyweight Filming. This is home ground for us. We can get anywhere in Essex at short notice and encourage you to think of us when you need aerial photography or aerial filming. 

Drone Photography Or Drone Video?

Find out more about what Aerial Photography & Aerial Videography can give you or your business.

 We have two main service categories. If you need more information about either of them, check out the links below. If you are ready to talk, we are ready for your call.

How Our Aerial Photography Service Works

Whether for business or pleasure you want aerial photography, booking our service is simple and pain free . Check out how our service works. We're sure you'll be pleased with how simple it is.

How Our Drone Filming Service Works

To commission filming may sound a bit specialist, but it's really not. We make it simple for anyone to have top quality drone filming.  See for yourself how our service works, and how simple it is to book.

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