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We are an Essex based aerial production company specialising in drone photography & drone filming. Our location within fifteen minutes of the Queen Elizabeth 2 bridge means we are equally at home working in the great and varied county of Kent. Kent is a thriving county providing an artery of commerce and culture from the Southern borders of London through to Dover, Folkstone and out across the English Channel. We have completed many projects providing excellent material for aerial filming of Kent & drone photography in Kent of all kinds.  We can reach any part of Kent with ease and want you to think of Flyweight Filming when you want aerial photography or drone filming. 

Aerial Photography Or Aerial Video?

Find out more about what Aerial Photography & Aerial Videography can give you or your business.

Depending on the nature of your needs, you may need either aerial photography, aerial video or both! Getting these services from us couldn't be easier. Follow the below links. If you are ready to talk, we are ready and waiting.

How Our Aerial Photography Service Works

Booking aerial photography is quick and simple. If  you want to know a bit more, look at how our service works. You will see there is nothing daunting or difficult.

How Our Drone Filming Service Works

Drone filming is available to whoever needs it, so we made it simple to get.  See how our service works, and how straight forward it is to book.

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