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London is on our doorstep, and we count it as home ground. There is a mixture of challenge and reward when performing aerial photography in London. The city of London is vast and varied, allowing for a range of aerial filming and drone photography opportunities.  While the city provides an almost limitless set of interesting views and vistas, there are also some no fly zones defined for public safety. When you contact us to discuss your project, the first thing we do is to check whether the location falls within a no fly zone. However, the vast majority of London is not so encumbered and provides excellent conditions for drone photography & aerial videography of all kinds. When you need aerial videography of London or drone photography of London, call Flyweight Filming.

Which Aerial Imaging Service Do You Need?

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Our services break down into two main categories. If You are not sure what to do, take a look below to get more information about each of them. If you are happy to go ahead, we are ready for your call.

How Our Aerial Photography Service Works

If you need aerial photography for a project or personal keepsake,  booking is easy. If you are not sure what is involved, see how our service works, and be reassured about how simple it can be.

How Our Drone Filming Service Works

Commissioning drone filming may sound a little daunting. However, there's no reason to be concerned. It is no different to any other service you usually use.  Check out how our service works, and how easy it is to get first class aerial filming for yourself.

Things To Consider For Aerial Photography & Aerial Filming In London

  • No Fly Zones: Strictly Enforced For National Security.
  • Parking Charges: If We Cannot Park On Site, We Need To Charge For Parking.
  • Congestion Zone: We May Need To Add The Congestion Charge In Parts Of London.
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