Aerial Filming London


We think aerial filming London is a privilege without parallel. Flyweight provides aerial filming services to a broad variety of clients for a wide range of applications. We have been called upon to provide aerial filming services for  government agencies, creative arts, construction sites and weddings to name but a few. Whether you are selling your home, building a new development or need footage for your business, buildings or products, we can help.

Aerial Filming London By Professionals

Flyweight Filming  captures superior aerial footage with professionalism, craft & care. If you require specialist aerial filming services, we are here to help. We only use professional quality equipment and processes to take vivid, beautifully composed footage. We are fully self contained with built in redundancy, meaning we are always able to fly and film. Flyweight Filming is CAA approved, fully insured and has a 100% safety record.

Our Prices Start At £400* + VAT
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How Our Drone Filming Service Works

Drone Filming is affordable and for everyone to take advantage of. Take a look at how our service works, and how easy it is to commission aerial filming for your projects.

Check Out Our Locations For Aerial Filming

These locations are where we work most frequently, although we service the whole UK.

Aerial Filming London : The Benefits

Looking for amazing continuous sequences, birds eye views and a completely original perspective on the world? Aerial filming or drone filming can provide it. Flyweight Filming is passionate about capturing compelling aerial footage that looks supreme on all media formats. When aerial filming London and its suburbs, there's a mixture of challanges that only experts can properly deal with. Our professional grade equipment and techniques let us film incredable footage almost anywhere. Even in dynamic, fast moving environments, our skill, experience and creativity ensures the perfect shot. While some drones are now affordable, they are simply not good enough for commercial purposes. Our pilots spend 30+ hours flying per month, meaning they can focus on capturing well composed, beautiful footage for you, your company or clients. If you require aerial imaging, you must hire CAA approved operators, ensuring safety, accountability, insurance and required airmanship to operate commercially. Take a look at how our service works and how our aerial filming & videography will benefit you or your business.