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In terms of drone photography London is without parallel. It provides some of the greatest views of any city in the world, but also has it's challenges. As experienced professionals we have flown and shot in a range of challenging conditions and locations. Our drone photography service has been called upon for countless applications from weddings to structural surveys. However, if you don't see your requirement listed below, don't worry, get in contact anyway.  Whether you are selling your home, need photos for your business or even of your football team, we can help.

Professional Service: Drone Photography London

Flyweight provides high quality aerial photography services to all our London clients with short waiting times and affordable prices . We pride our selves on taking first class drone photos with craft & care. We are CAA approved and fully insured.

Prices Start At Just £180 + VAT
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How Our Drone Photography Service Works

Drone photography is easy to use and easy to book. if you need more info, check out how our service works, and how easy it is to get high quality drone photos.

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We work throughout the UK, but these locations are in our back yard!

Drone Photography London : You Require Quality

If anywhere is built for drone photography London is. Flyweight Filming is just thirty minutes from the center of London, and about an hour from its western reaches. Drone ownership is on the rise, but for high quality drone photography you need substantial skill and experience. Further to that you need CAA approved operators with public liability insurance. Flyweights pilots spend over 30 hours in the air every month, taking high quality aerial pictures for our clients. Whether you need photography of your facilities, properties, projects or products, we will provide them for you. Drone photography in London provides a unique mixture of rewards and challeneges, all of which we are experienced in dealing with. While drones are relatively new, there is nothing new about high quality photographs and their power in communicating your values to a wide audience. When you need compelling aerial photography, get in touch with Flyweight Filming to provide it with quality, expertise and professionalism.