Aerial Services

Flyweight Filming is a UK based company specialising in aerial photographyaerial filming and aerial survey. Our dedicated, professional staff work closely with you to fully understand your requirements. Working along side you, we ensure the end result is perfect. Whichever of our aerial services you require, our team can tailor it to suit your needs. Being based on the border of Essex & London, we have excellent access to transport routes serving the whole of the UK.

Aerial Filming

Think Hollywood blockbuster... then think about your business venture, building or outdoor event looking like it just landed a major role in  one! Our aerial filming footage looks great on the big screen and small screen alike. Our UAV's provide you with truly first class footage, whichever of our aerial services you choose. We love to create compelling moving images and achieve it using high specification equipment, experience, imagination and pride.  Find out more about our aerial filming services.

Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography offers vivid insights into structures or large areas on the ground, and offers a more rounded view than  ground based photography.  By capturing a panorama of majestic scenery, an historical building or an outdoor event, we can provide you with stunning still aerial images for promotions, publishing, or just because they are beautiful to own. Our professional drones, together with advanced photographic equipment makes our arial photography service second to none. Find out more about aerial photography here...

Aerial Survey

aerial roof survey

Aerial surveys make your surveying work quicker, safer and far most cost-effective. By using the latest UAV's (Drones) we capture high resolution images, resulting in the compilation of a comprehensive record of your buildings condition. The information gathered can be used by engineers on the ground, in safety, to make calm, unhurried decisions about maintenance and repair needs.  Our drones can take detailed photographs from virtually any height and angle, allowing your engineers a comprehensive and safe view of the task at hand. Flyweight Filming can assist you with building surveys, facilities management, insurance surveys, roof surveys, utilities surveys and images relating to wind turbines and solar panels. For more information click here

Editing and Production

Editing And Production Equipment

The experienced film makers on our team ensure all footage is produced and edited to the highest standard. Therefore, every photograph we take from aloft tells a story, and the key to producing a story worth reading is making it flow. This means editing  and assembling the best footage into the final product including titles, annotations, transitions, music or narration. We offer a professional editing suite and can process all the images from your shoot, transforming them into unique treated stills or a movie.  We can produce a bespoke film for you that reflects who you are and completely matches your requirements.