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Aerial filming offers scope for amazing images and continuous sequences showing the world from a new perspective.  Our aerial filming platforms allow us to film incredible dynamic footage virtually anywhere.  With stabilised 4K cameras we produce smooth footage even in fast moving situations. Aerial filming provides our clients with truly first class footage that looks great on all media. We have a passion for creating new and unique moving images using our skill, imagination and top line technology. The advances in drone technology now mean aerial filming is an affordable option for companies and individuals alike.

Drone Filming Services

  • Production Company 2nd Unit
  • Outdoor Leisure Promotion
  • Construction & Civil Engineering Projects
  • Sport & Action
  • Venues & Events
  • Property Marketing
  • Personal Memories

Aerial Filming By Experts

Our  team works in harmony to  capture the smoothest of shots. We operate with care, craft & experience to provide smooth, clean and dynamic footage for all applications. We only use top line professional flight equipment, cameras & techniques in our work. Whether you need full videography and production, or are a production company requiring first/second unit footage, we provide unbeatable quality & value. We are fully self contained, can access the most remote locations and stay in situ indefinitely . We are CAA approved, fully insured and ready for your call.

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How Our Aerial Filming Service Works

Aerial Filming is no longer for the few. Individuals & small businesses can easily access it too. If you're not ready to book yet, take a look at how our service works, and how easy it is to have high quality drone videography.

The Benefits Of Aerial Filming

What drone aerial filming offers is revolutionary. It offers more flexibility than ground cameras for sure, but it doesn't stop there. We achieve the near impossible of producing footage appearing to originate at ground level, flow through crowded and complex scene, then rise smoothly above and away. Truly, drone filming should not be thought of as aerial filming in the traditional sense. It can be as intimate as ground filming too.  For fast action shots, sports coverage or special occasions, our drones can track the action, providing a wide variety of different views and perspectives. Using a drone is cost effective too. It eliminates towers, lifts and large crews. We really do capture all the action, quickly and efficiently from our aerial vantage point.

Aerial Filming And Your Project

The footage from top end drone camera platforms is so impressive that Hollywood has been using them for some time. We appreciate you may not be looking to make a feature film, but recognise promotional videos are important to the success of your business. Being able to present a polished and impressive promotional video reminds your customers of your values and dedication to quality. Our experienced CAA qualified pilots and camera operators can provide high, wide and slow aerial shots that look visually stunning.  We can also offer you lower, faster shots to create drama. We can also fly our drones indoors if the space is big enough. With our own dedicated, in-house production suite we can also edit and produce your video.

*Aerial Filming / Videography In Open Low Risk Environment For Up To 3 Hours Within 1.5 Hours Travel From Our Location