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Golf Course Videos Increase Customers

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a course video could be worth a hundred tee times.  Generally speaking, considering that video now appears in 70% of the top 100 search results, and that viewers are 64-85% more likely to buy after watching a product video – this is one marketing tool you can’t afford to ignore.

Here’s why: Video marketing has come of age.  We no longer have to deal with sluggish connections, incompatible technologies or bland commercials begging for business.  These days, smart companies are turning the online broadcast medium into a highly effective means of communication.

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Well-produced, high quality aerial videos of the holes on your course are the most cost effective way to attract players. In today’s competitive golf market, where average green fees are around £40, investing in a professionally-made short aerial film is a wise investment.

It’s common sense in any type of advertising that you must first generate leads before you make a sale. Different marketing tools are quite effective in attracting your target audience, but most online trends reveal that video content drives custom significantly more than text-based material. Here are some reasons why.

Providing lots of information quickly and easily. Because aerial video techniques allow viewers to 'walk' the several hundred yards of a hole in 15-20 seconds, a vast amount of information about the various physical aspects of the hole can be communicated. With text overlays, showing Hole Number, Index, Par & Yardage, a complete picture of the hole is firmly etched into the viewers mind.

Your target audience is more likely to take action after viewing a video. The Online Publishers Association reports that 80% of consumers will recall a video  up to 30 days after seeing it. Even more staggering is that almost half will take some action after viewing. Many looked for more information, while others followed the link to a web page. However, 12% of that 80% did purchase the featured product or service. In the case of a Golf Course, this adds up to booking Tee Times.

Video captures more leads across all online marketing formats. Some marketing strategies perform better depending on where they’re distributed. Video, on the other hand, is one advertising tool that gets results across the board. From your website and blog to various social media channels, video brings in more followers and reaches more of your target audience.

Lead conversion through video gives you more for your marketing budget. Like any investment in your marketing budget, ROI is critical. The Aberdeen Group reports that websites offering video content achieve a 4.6% lead conversion rate, while sites without video scored at 2.9%. In addition, the average cost per marketing lead for video users was £80 compared to £100 for those sites that didn’t feature video content. Put simply, you’re generating more leads through video and spending less of your marketing budget in doing so.


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Filming Your Golf Course

What's Involved?

  • Advance Planning: We analyse the course and surrounding area to establish the legal and operational parameters of the shoot.
  • On Site Survey: We spend a day walking the course, spotting hazards,  measuring distances, planning safety procedures and seeing it from the ground.
  • The Shoot: We return on one, two, or three days depending on whether you are having six, twelve or eighteen holes filmed.
  • Music Selection: If you have a specific piece of music in mind, we can find the price to license it. Otherwise, there is a lot of good royalty free music available. 
  • Editing & Production: We cut the footage into polished fly over films of the holes with hole data and golf club branding over-layed.
  • Distribution: We provide you with the footage in the most popular formats for you to use in your marketing operations.


  • 6 Holes: £1250 + VAT
  • 12 Holes: £1890 + VAT
  • 18 Holes: £2510 + VAT
**If you have a requirement that doesn't fit the standard service, get in touch with our team to discuss it**
**Flyweight Filming require a 20% deposit to secure your booking**