Drone Filming Sport & Leisure

You've got to admit it, we love the theatre of sport. Every day of the week people in their thousands gather to play, compete & share the glory and pain. Competitors playing grass roots sport are the backbone and nourishment of the sporting elite, so why not get some recognition and following? While small venues and local teams continue to contribute to the countries sporting future, they need to attract some attention to themselves.

Use Aerial Filming For Sport To Your Advantage

Some things are too good to be missed but seem too big and too fast to be captured! Well, not anymore. With aerial filming for sport, you don't need to be Manchester United to have great footage of your fixtures. When you can cheaply and easily capture great drone video of your fixtures or sports venues, who cares you're not contracted to Sky Sports. With the use of Social Media, you can broadcast the fun, rivalry and excitement of your sports team or facility to the world. With a few choice accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Youtube you can have your own mass media machine. Do it well enough for long enough, and see your following and custom increase as a result.

High Octane Speedway


Dry Slope Board & Ski Action


Get Serious With Action Packed Aerial Video Of Your Sport!

You've been thinking about it, but didn't get round to it yet? If we told you it was affordable and technically viable, how would you feel about that?  Get on with expanding your teams following or growing your sports facilities popularity. We will help with every aspect of production and distribution at prices that suit grass roots sport. In fact, it's our game to do so. So take action today to increase your following, revenues and fame!

How Aerial Filming For Sport Works

Move over Man U, and be trembly Wembley, because there's more then one way to get your sports seen. If you're not ready to book yet, take a look at how our service works, and how easy it is to have high quality drone filming of your sport or sports facility.

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