Aerial Photography For Boundary Disputes

Aerial photography is becoming an indispensable part of every Surveyors tool kit. With low cost, high quality images coupled with short lead times, the benefits are clear. Flyweight provides a portfolio of imaging services including aerial photography for boundary disputes. Where a boundary is in question, we can provide high quality aerial images of the boundary line anywhere from 10 meters to 1000+ meters. If a boundary is inaccessible, overgrown or dangerous, it is not possible to lay a straight line along it to establish legitimacy. Our aerial photography for boundary disputes provides a quick, high quality way to evaluate the current line against those established on deeds, the land registry and other historical documents.

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Aerial Photography For Boundary Disputes

Use aerial photography to compare against existing documents to help resolve boundary disputes. Sometimes, pulling a straight line over a distance is impossible due to obstructions and growth on the ground. We can quickly make large photographic mosaics to reveal the details in plan view from above. Using aerial photography for boundary dispute resolution is an efficient and cost effective method.

Aerial Photography Provides:

  • View Of Inaccessible Boundaries From Convenient Location.
  • Ability To Inspect Long Boundaries & Large Areas.
  • Highly Detailed Mosaic Images From Varying Altitudes.
  • A Means To Superimpose Straight Lines Over Picture.

Structure Of Our Service:

  • Day 1: Perform Shoot
  • Day 2: Create Mosaic Images and add treatment
  • Day 2: Add Any Annotations Required
  • Day 2/3: Delivery Of Images To You

With prices from £150 + VAT you can't ignore the value of Aerial Photography in the resolution of boundary disputes.

What Images Do I Get?

Plan View (Orthogonal): We fly the boundary line capturing images at precise intervals. We include a region of 10-15m either side of the boundary to provide context. The individual images are stitched into a single image to show an accurate and continuous image of the boundary. As the images are taken at low altitude, the final image is extremely detailed and will stand up to many level of zoom with hi fidelity.

High Contrast Region: The mosaic image is processed to produce a high contrast region along the line of the boundary. This makes it easier to view the details along the boundary line. 

Overlays: The image can have markings to show the expected boundary line against where the boundary appears to have deviated. We can also superimpose annotations to highlight areas of interest. 

Privacy: If required, we can blur regions of the image to protect peoples privacy.

Aerial Photography For Boundary Disputes

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How Much Does It Cost?

Boundary Up To 100m: £150 + VAT. Images Delivered Next Working Day

Boundary Up To 500m: £250 + VAT. Images Delivered Next Working Day

Boundary Up To 1km: £350 + VAT. Images Delivered In 2 Working Days

Contact Us For Boundaries Over 1km.

Boundary Questions Resolved From £150 + VAT
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