Aerial Photography For Progress Reports

Aerial photography is becoming an indispensable part of every Architect & Surveyors tool kit. With low cost, high quality images coupled with short lead times, the benefits are clear. Project stakeholders require updates on a projects progress to evaluate whether it is hitting milestones on schedule. Using aerial photography & videography to provide this information in a rich, succinct and easily digestible way is a real revolution. Keep clients and colleagues updated while reducing the need for costly and time consuming site visits.

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Progress Reports

Your clients are deeply interested and invested in their development, whether for a private home or a commercial investment. Sharing the progress of construction mile stones has never been easier, and allows the client to see progress without the need to come on site.

Aerial Photography Enables:

  • Your Company To Show Progressive Habits & Openness To New Technologies.
  • Easy Communication Of Development Progress.
  • Reduced Site Visits From Busy Yet Involved Clients & Investors.

Structure Of Our Service:

  • Day 1: Perform Shoot
  • Day 2: Colour Correct & Mosaic Images
  • Day 2: Add Any Annotations Required
  • Day 3: Delivery Of Images To You

With prices from £250 + VAT you can't ignore the value of Aerial Photography in the planning phase of your project.

Update Your Stake Holders From Just £250 + VAT
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