Aerial Video And Aerial Photography For Estate Agents

Aerial video and aerial photography for Estate Agents is a vital tool in effectively marketing properties. They help you steal a march on your competitors. There's no doubt the business of selling houses is getting tougher. The past few years has seen the rise of platforms like Rightmove and Zoopla, using technology to efficiently advertise housing stock to a large audience. If you were early adopters, you would have seen significant benefits. However, it is now standard procedure and the advantage is diluted. Not using it however, would demote you straight out of the Estate Agency business. House sales are following the same path as other businesses employing online advertising platforms. Initially it was enough to just be on it, but not any more. The curve has flattened, and as an Estate Agent, you need to win back your advantage.

Ask any online marketeer and they will tell you 'content is king’. What does this mean? It means what you ‘say’ and ‘show’ needs to be superior to the competition and useful to customers. Don't worry unduly, because there are ways to achieve that.  If you use the best means to engage and communicate with prospective clients, the benefits extend deep into your business. We provide tailored photography for estate agents throughout the UK. Therefore Flyweight Filming can help you provide the most engaging and compelling visual marketing materials for all of your market sectors, wherever you are. To find out how to get ahead, read on.

Ground Photography Sells Smaller Homes

Ground Photography has been the staple of house sales since the invention of the camera. There’s a reason for that. Despite a nice descriptive paragraph about a homes layout, architecture and  facilities being a useful second tier, the photograph is actually what grabs peoples attention. Therefore, it's the images that win custom, because we buy with the eye. It is therefore paramount the photographs are well composed and high quality. Ground photography is well suited to showing rooms, spaces and ground level features.

Why Ground Photography Works For Smaller Homes

A skilled photographer can quickly capture all the major features of the property, both inside and out. Any photographer who specialises in photography for estate agents will have the skills to present a property in its best light. Through careful selection of lenses, lighting & positioning, they demonstrate that even smaller properties have plenty of room for buyers to live, operate and be comfortable in. The key is to use a skilled, conscientious photographer and not a clients mobile snaps to advertise the property. Flyweight Filming offers standard ground photography at affordable rates. Combine it with another service for even better value.

  • Ground Photography Is A Relatively Quick Process
  • A Property Photographer Charges Affordable Prices
  • It Is Easy To Arrange A Visit From The Photographer
  • Photographs Have More Imapact Than Text

Aerial Photography For Estate Agents : Enhance The Appeal Of Large Homes

Aerial photography is the best way to provide more visual impact for something big, like a house. Where a property really provides more space for a family to live, grow and enjoy their home, you need to communicate that clearly and immediately.Therefore, a collection of snapshots will be passed over by people considering their next major investment. As an Estate Agent you need to be able to make the property look appealing and tell that story very quickly.

Farm House Photography

Why Aerial Photography Works For Larger Properties

If part of the appeal of a house is it’s size and the grounds, then communicating that in a single sweep is paramount. A group of disconnected pictures requires clients to re-assemble them into a coherent whole, while an aerial photograph tells the whole story at once. This is especially relevant in a world where consumers expect high quality images and information that is easy to digest. How many of us have left a jigsaw incomplete? In conclusion, our aerial photography for estate agents service helps complete the picture and speed up the sales process.

  • Aerial Photographs Show Property From More Interesting Perspectives
  • Provide Better Views Of The Grounds With Aerial Images
  • Drone Photography Can Show The House, Buildings & Grounds In Context
  • You Can Show The Surrounding Environment With Aerial Photos

Ground Videography Is Vital For Substantial Houses

With more substantial houses, you play to a different market. Rather than clients focusing  mainly on price, they are searching for style, comfort and an enhanced environment. You need to go that extra step to communicate then why this is the house for them. Video of the internal spaces is unbeatable, it provides a sense vitality as you journey through the house and explore its major features.


Why Ground Videography Works For Larger Houses

For people to move from browser to buyer, there needs to be an emotional connection between them and the property. While words provide information, video provides the means to immerse people in a house rather than 'just see it'. The sense of ‘having been there’ strengthens the connection between the buyer and the property.

  • Ground Videography Provides Lots Of Information Quickly
  • The Cost Of Videography Is Offset Against Improved Bids
  • Videography Companies Dress The Property
  • Videos Are The Publics Preferred Medium

Aerial Videos Are The Bare Minimum For Prestige Homes

Aerial Videography or aerial filming comes into its own where the property and grounds are considerably larger. Demonstrating a properties impressive  stature and exploring its grounds in a single continuous sequence communicates vast amounts of information quickly and memorably.  Marketing material of this calibre is commensurate with the degree of professionalism a buyer in this position expects and requires. Therefore it is vital to provide images that live up to the clients expectations of their Estate Agent


Why Aerial Videography Works For Prestige Properties

Wealthy buyers are inundated with choice, more than one agent can provide. Moreover, these are choices they exercise without pressure. Individuals in this strata have no difficulty finding and securing housing, it’s just not a problem. These prospective customers seek an enhanced lifestyle. Lifestyles extends beyond the size and shape of a property. A lifestyle encapsulates a personal philosophy and a clear picture of how this house will help them live it. You are no longer selling houses. You are saying you can help deliver them into that experience. You need to understand that, and leverage off it. Therefore it makes sense to include aerial or ground video as a fundamental tool when marketing prestige houses.

  • Aerial Videography Provides High Visual Impact
  • Extensive Grounds & Buildings Woven Into A Single Story
  • Aerial Videography Is Much More Affordable Now
  • Video Drives More Incidental Traffic To Your Company

Information About Videos Effectiveness In Advertising

Your target audience is more likely to take action after viewing a video. The Online Publishers Association says that 80% of potential customers recall a video  up to 30 days after first seeing it. However, more importantly,  nearly half take some action after. Many searched for more information, while others followed links to a company. Significantly, 12% of that 80% did purchase the featured product or service. So whether or not that particular property gets sold, you will have driven significantly more people past your shop window. So it makes sense to encourage your customers to opt for house marketing videos to sell their homes more quickly.

Video wins more leads on all marketing formats. Some marketing plans perform better depending on where they’re placed. Video, conversely, is the advertising medium that achieves results across the board. From your company website or blog to social media and marketing platforms, video reaches more of your target audience.

Locations Where We Provide Aerial Drone Photography For Estate Agents

We work throughout the UK, but these locations are most local to us.