Aerial Photography Of Events & Celebrations

Whether you are a family or an organisation, aerial photography of events and celebrations beautifully captures the moment. Ground photography captures the intimate scenes, but  you need big pictures for the big moments. Recording your family, friends and colleagues coming together is a rare opportunity, so don't let it slip by. Flyweight Filming has been commissioned to perform aerial photography of events and celebrations far and wide. We love joining in with and contributing to your special events. Whether you are looking for...

  • Aerial photos  of landmark parties like a 21st or 40th birthday
  • Aerial photography of Wedding celebrations
  • Aerial pictures of special days in a school or companies life

Flyweight Filming is on hand to provide the very best aerial photography at affordable prices.

Photography Of Your Event From £300* + VAT

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Events & Celebrations For Companies Or Organisations

For events like a school centenary celebration, project completion or opening a new block, Flyweight not only takes superb aerial photos, we also plan all aspects of the shoot. We  examine the location and conditions and account for the needs of the participants before we arrive. We liaise with the event planner to ensure the shoot is safe and efficient.

Family Events & Celebrations

For family events like weddings and parties, we work closely with the event planners to ensure we capture wonderful images without impacting on the fun and spontaneity of the event. We try to be as low key and discreet as possible to avoid detracting from the celebration.

Aerial Photography Of Events & Celebrations By Experts

Flyweight Filming is highly experienced at working with large groups and has two main priorities: Beautifull photography and public safety. To ensure safe operations, our team manages the movement & positioning of participants while staying in radio communication during the shoot. Depending on the size of the event and the number of participants, we may deploy a two or three person team. We expertly compose and shoot beautiful photographs of your event or celebration  using professional quality equipment.  Flyweight Filming operates with craft, quality & care to provide perfect pictures every time. With event photography prices from £300 + VAT, and pictures normally delivered in three working  days, aerial photography of your celebration is too good to miss. Flyweight Filming is CAA approved, fully insured and highly experienced. Our friendly team is waiting for your call.

How Aerial Photography Of Events & Celebrations Works

If you're not ready to book just yet, take a look at how our service works, and how you can get perfect aerial photos of your event.

Our Locations For Aerial Photography Of Your Event Or Celebration

These locations are in our local area, but don't worry if you don't live here, Flyweight Filming operates nation wide.