Aerial Survey & Inspection

Aerial survey allows you to conduct inspections quickly, safely and cost effectively. We produce a detailed record of your structures condition in a non disruptive way. The ability to access delicate, dangerous or inaccessible areas means a more detailed and comprehensive inspection can be made. The information gathered can be analysed by you on the ground allowing you to make well informed decisions. Therefore, using aerial techniques to inspect structures reduces your health and safety exposure too. By using aerial inspections, you can survey more frequently with less disruption. This approach ensures small issues don't turn into major repair headaches. Normally, building surveys are undertaken in precarious conditions, leading to more cost, disruption and time. Using aerial survey is a safer alternative, because it reduces the time you or your employees spend operating at height.

  • Cost Effective
  • Fast
  • Comprehensive
  • High Quality
  • Easily Share Results
  • No Disruption To Operations
  • Reduces Time Working At Heights
  • Does Not Touch Or Lean Against Structures
  • Easily Access Awkward Areas
  • Experienced Professionals
  • CAA Approved
  • 100% Safety Record
  • Fully Insured
  • Top Line Professional Equipment
Not the survey you are looking for? If you are a householder, check out our Domestic Roof Survey service.

How Our Aerial Survey Service Works

  • Call & TalkYou can discuss your requirements with us.
  • Booking. We book the dates for your survey.
  • The Survey. Our team performs the aerial survey at your site. 
  • The Data. We process the images/footage ready for you.
  • Access. The final results are distributed in the most convenient way to you.
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Aerial Survey Services Are Quick And Versatile

We provide high quality information at a fraction of the time and cost. This allows you to use your time and budget more effectively. Our strict procedures guarantee data integrity every time. Aerial survey provides a substantially enhanced capability for developers, environmental planners and researchers. We plan and execute flights for photogrammetry suitable for use in the BIM process and CAD.
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