Editing And Production Services

Shooting footage is only half the story. If you have a message to send, a story to tell, or a feeling to impart, then the production process is vital in achieving that goal. With an experienced film maker on our team, we ensure all of our footage is produced and edited to the highest standard. The editing and production of a video is an arc across the whole process. From the moment you have your idea to the moment you see it on screen, editing and production is the glue that directs and binds all the components together. Every frame we shoot,  whether aerial or ground based, tells a story, and the key to producing a story worth seeing is making it flow. This means editing your video and assembling the sequences into the final product, including titles, transitions and music or narration. The production process is largely invisible, but is vital in producing a coherent, stylish and worthwhile video.

All Footage Needs Some Editing & Production

Depending on the level of production you require, we can plan and marshal all the resources needed to produce a polished video fit for any media platform. Our experienced team ensures the tone, pace and style of the production packs a punch and aligns with the needs of you or your company. Video editing and production is a broad church of disciplines, but to put it in focus, we can provide...
  • Storyboarding
  • Script Writing
  • Actors / Models
  • Voice Actors
  • Ambient Sound
  • Music
  • Sound Recording
  • Aerial Filming
  • Ground Filming (Tripod / Steady / Cable)
  • Production / Set Lighting
  • Makeup (Theatrical)
  • Makeup (Practical Special Effects)
  • Location Sourcing
  • Scheduling
  • Bespoke Graphic Design
  • CGI Cleanup & Special Effects
  • Model Building

Behind The Scenes Of Video Production. Actress Waits For Action

Video Production. Drone Pilot Coordinates With Crew

Setting Up Camera And Lighting For A Scene

Director And Camera Operator Discuss A Shot

Actress Takes A Break While Camera Operator Makes Adjustments To Camera

How To Commission Editing And Production Services.

When you send us your brief, we will tailor a fully itemised proposal to help accomplish your vision. We use only experienced, (frequently award winning) professionals for each discipline, providing you with a formidable team to produce your film or video.  Whether you are shooting a thirty second promo for your business, or aiming to produce a longer, complex piece, we can help. With basic production service prices starting from £250 + VAT per day, high quality video is within everyones reach.

Prices Start At £250* + VAT Per Day
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