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Flying into the Tornado with Flyweight Filming

flyweight filming professional camera drone

Here at Flyweight Filming,  we provide our clients with the very best in aerial imagery.  But beyond our skills as highly trained drone pilots, with top class editing know how, we also work alongside some super talented web developers to offer a multi disciplinary service to our clients.

That is why we are proud to work in association with Green Tornado Digital Creative Agency.  With many years experience, the guys and gals at Green Tornado specialise in producing high quality web sites for small to medium businesses throughout the UK. Much more than just a team of web developers, they provide their clients with everything they need from a small print campaign, right through to a multi faceted web page, with full branding and social media strategies included.

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Why recommend Green Tornado?

We like working with them.  They know the way we think, and also agree that offering first class customer service to every client is the key to long lasting success.  They also believe in the wealth of new media opportunities that aerial filming and photography can offer.  They know that our 4K digital cameras relay the very best quality images which makes for quality videos and images for both online and traditional media promotions.  They also appreciate that using drone footage is a safe and cost effective alternative to using large teams of camera crew, or expensive and potentially hazardous scaffolding when filming from above.

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 12.01.15Because we work alongside them, they know that we are a fully self contained unit and can arrive and be ready to film within minutes.  The footage we provide them with is magically transformed into well designed web sites, web apps, stunning graphic design and even posts for high end social media campaigns.

As fully certified CAA drone pilots based in Essex, we also understand how important it is to work alongside fellow local businesses. The quality of the work produced by Green Tornado and their professional approach to delivering finalised projects, precisely match our requirements of a digital agency.

If you are looking for first class drone photography or aerial footage, contact us today on 01277 200455 or click here to contact us by email.  We can even provide you with all the extras your campaign needs with some help from out friends at Green Tornado.